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Farewell to dust!

 The fluidity of your system flow goes far beyond vanity.


ugitive dust is a serious problem that affects most plants. A problem that can become serious very quickly due to the chance of ignition and explosion, causing enormous risks not only to the production itself, but, above all, to the health of employees.

The containment difficulty is real and has led the Martin® development team to come up with effective solutions to this problem.

With more than 70 years of experience in the market, our engineers and specialist technicians understand that dust containment requires a combination of components to work effectively. Dust bags, rubber curtains, extended wear liners, impact cradles and others, are all essential elements in dust containment.

Among these, the focus of today is ApronSeal,a dual sealing system that prevents spillage where the primary seal is clamped to the chute wall with the self-adjusting secondary laying outward to create an effective dust seal that is out of the material flow.

Our equipment can minimize fugitive material, including dust, with the best quality skirting, being compatible with wear liner products.

Available in different models, it is the ideal solution to prevent dust dispersion! Check out more details of our skirting products:ApronSeal™ Single Skirting and ApronSeal™ Double Skirting.

Containment of fugitive dust is part of our mission to contribute to the availability and reliability of its conveyor system.

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