24/7 Emergency Response

Mining Health Solutions provides end to end medical and rescue solutions. Specialising in remote medical clinics, ambulances, rescue operators, training and Clinical Governance, MHS is a leading medical and rescue services provider.

The MHS service encompasses more than just the Emergency Response Team responding to incidents. Our staff are proactive in engaging your workforce, building relationships with key stakeholders and ensuring we are utilised to our full potential. More importantly, you receive a service that represents value for your investment in MHS.

About us

MHS provide high quality, professional staff and guaranteed delivery, covering all aspects of your sites medical, training, rescue, compliance and wellness needs. As a small, growing company we are able to provide a personalised service to ensure that not only our clients are happy but also our staff in the field are supported by our head office team


  • Medical - emergency response and medical treatment to your site.
  • Fire & rescue - suppling qualified Emergency Services Officers and Emergency Response Co-ordinators.
  • Wellness- teams are trained to understand menatal health issues and how it can affect staff.
  • Poisons Licence administration- employ Paramedics without the need for third party contractors.

contact us

Web: mininghealthsolutions.net.au

Email: tim@mininghealthsolutions.net.au

Tel: 0498 724 138