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Sealing Solutions, Protective Coatings & Industrial Lubricants: Keeping mobile mining equipment in check


hesterton® is a global leader of equipment maintenance solutions to the mining, manufacturing and process industries. For over 130 years, customers have benefitted from our innovative pump and valve sealing solutions, applications expertise, equipment maintenance and wear prevention products that positively impact company profits, production and environmental responsibilities.

Chesterton’s dual Perth and Sydney office locations and network of distributors allow the provision of a truly local service across the whole Asia Pacific region. Our wealth of knowledge encompasses a wide range of mining products and services, including:

• Engineered polymer seals

• Mechanical seals

• Packing and gaskets

• Protective coatings

• Industrial lubricants and maintenance

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing Solutions

The historical challenge of seal breakdown within the harsh mining environment was one that we were keen to solve. This was successfully overcome by using machined engineered polymer seals that offer far higher tolerance and durability than traditional ones. This crucial factor underpins the design of a wide range of bespoke hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solutions.

These robust, proven solutions are provided in turnkey repair kit form, combining proprietary polymer technologies with unique seal geometries to improve the performance and longevity of off-road mining equipment.

These rebuild and repair kits are suitable for a variety of assets, including:

Excavators - Including shovel and backhoe: boom, arm, bucket, dump and level kits

Trucks: hoist, front & rear suspension, steering cylinder kits

Wheel loaders: lift, steering and tilt cylinder kits

Dozers: tilt, lift ripper tilt & ripper lift cylinder kits

In addition to the kits, customers also benefit from:

• Skilled in-field technical support

• On-site inspection and troubleshooting

• Experienced application engineers and designers

• Proven approach towards cylinder upgrades

Rotating and stationary asset sealing solutions

Chesterton offers advanced mechanical seal and packing products, which are designed to reduce leakage and increase performance in mining environments. Offering world leading

expertise in sealing applications for rotating and stationary equipment, our extensive experience covers design, selection, installation, testing and more.

Our innovative and award-winning packing solutions reduce the pumps energy requirements and produce less losses, reducing total pump lifecycle costs. Mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability and extend fluid management performance, saving costs and downtime.

Live loaded slurry and steam valve systems not only improve sealing capabilities but reduce friction associated with stem movements exposed to the harsh mining environment, which means less energy costs and more reliable equipment sealing.

Protective Coatings

Erosion and corrosion are a primary cause of asset failure, premature repair, replacement, and unplanned downtime. It’s also a major concern for worker safety.

Advanced protective coatings dramatically reduce these risks, improving equipment longevity, efficiency, worker safety and consumer confidence. The Chesterton range of ARC protective coatings is suitable for most mining and mineral processing applications subjected to corrosion and abrasion. This comes at a fraction of the cost of a replacement or downtime for repair.

Industrial Lubricants and Maintenance

Cleaners and industrial lubricants play a pivotal role in improving asset reliability and longevity. By designing innovative products and maintenance programs that focus on friction reduction and corrosion prevention, our extensive range of high-performance products provides simplified maintenance reliability, extended equipment life and, ultimately, lower overall running costs.

About Chesterton

Our global operation includes 1200 factory-trained technicians serving 113 countries. More than 450 sales and service locations mean we can work locally with customers to find solutions for their sealing and equipment reliability challenges. In addition, a well-established sales and service network includes more than 250 authorised distributors, adding further coverage and extensive industry experience.

About Chesterton Customseal

Chesterton Customseal is a joint venture between A. W. Chesterton Company and Customseal Australia and is part of the Chesterton group of companies. With more than 15 years’ operating experience, Customseal Australia has built an excellent reputation servicing the hydraulic and pneumatic sealing needs for industries throughout the Asia Pacific region. Specialising in the manufacture and supply of elastomeric polymer seals, Chesterton Customseal’s innovative product range is available direct, or through our distribution channel partners.

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Reproducible, non-manipulable measurements, exclusion of the human error factor.


Exact determination of volume, excludes inaccuracies due to material moisture.

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