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World-class healthcare delivery in remote and challenging environments supported by wearable technology

Automated sample preparation and testing is key in order to further improve operator safety, increase lab productivity and quality of data in mining laboratories.


spen Medical’s calling card of providing rapid and innovative healthcare solutions in remote and challenging environments, such as those experienced in the mining industry, has helped the company build its global reputation. The company’s commitment to world-class healthcare service delivery is now supported by wearable technology designed to improve productivity and save lives.

Over the past 18 months, the company has become a household name in Australia due to its high-profile role in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19. The Australian-owned company has managed quarantine facilities, delivered vaccination programs, provided surge workforce solutions, built a 51-bed COVID hospital in record time, and procured large volumes of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the national stockpile. In many respects, Aspen Medical has been the right company at the right time for Australia. 

Outside of the pandemic, the company’s work has continued with clients in government, non-government organisations, global agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and the private sector, including resources and extractive customers. Aspen Medical provides aeromedical retrieval services, temporary modular health infrastructure, occupational health, workforce continuity planning, manages clinics and hospitals, provides health solutions and advisory services for State and Federals governments, workplace vaccination programs and environmental health. The company’s tailored and flexible solutions can provide capability from a single paramedic through to a full-spectrum solution involving teams of healthcare professionals, ambulances, emergency response vehicles clinics, medical clinics, consumables and pharmaceuticals. Aspen Medical also provides wearable health technology ideally suited to the mining industry. 

Smart Badge

Distributed by Aspen Medical, contact tracing technology, Smart Badge, has been developed in Australia to help companies and organisations in any industry to continue to operate safely. Smart Badge underpins Aspen Medical’s suite of COVID-19 solutions including infection prevention and control advisory services, temporary facilities and mobile clinics, medical teams, online training and the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Smart Badge’s technology helps protect workplaces using a simple wearable device (wristband, lanyard or watch style) to keep staff, guests and the wider community safe. 

The customisable badge - suitable for any industry - uses Bluetooth technology and real-time data to ensure workplaces can easily manage capacity within a set physical space, as well as encourage social distancing with automatic alerts.

In the event of a COVID outbreak within the workplace, Smart Badge’s contract tracing can be activated instantly and easily by management, with data identifying any close contacts of the wearer and key locations affected. 

Ultimately, this technology sets proactive protocols ensuring staff safety is at the forefront and gives management the necessary data to assist if rapid decision making is required relating to an outbreak.


Dehydration affects physical and cognitive capability leading to risk of injury, death, lost productivity, higher business costs and risk of legislative non-compliance.

By 2030, millions of global working hours will be lost due to heat stress and dehydration, and countless lives at risk. With higher global temperatures, the Asia-Pacific region especially will experience serious productivity losses from workers who become dehydrated. The costs of dehydration run into many billions of dollars. By providing individuals with a measure of their own hydration, action can be taken immediately, before performance is impaired or health is risked. 

Queensland-based WearOptimo has engaged Aspen Medical for the development and distribution of particular Microwearable sensors in key markets, including the mining industry. The sensors use an adhesive patch embedded with sensors to detect small changes in key biomarkers that signal the body’s health state in real time.

WearOptimo’s Microwearable sensors are designed to access patient’s vital signs, in situations where time really matters. In the case of a heart attack, early warning is the difference between life and death.

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