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Exploring asteroids

Mining companies are turning their gaze upward for alternative resources

Litigious shareholders

Shareholders at Glencore are suing the company after concerns around corrupt mining

Critical minerals

Trump has identified critical minerals deemed integral to US security

Risky supply chains

In South America, the production of gold is dogged by illicit activities

Opening up North Korea

North Korea’s mineral riches, estimated to be worth $6tn, could soon be within reach

Life after Mugabe

After the new president declared the country open for business, is mining on the rise in Zimbabwe?

Capitalising on commodities

The mining cycle has reached a sweet spot with flourishing commodity prices

Ban to boost copper

China has finalised its ban on imports of scrap copper, throwing the market into uncertainty

Cracking the lithium triangle

Peru has recently moved to open its resources, raising the prospect of a mining boom

Sizing up Syama

Resolute Mining’s Syama mine is expected to be the world’s first fully automated mine

A ride through time

We trace the evolution of mining machines from old minecarts to today’s electric vehicles

Dealing with disasters

Three years on from the Samarco disaster, what’s been done to remediate the valley?

Coal and climate change

BHP has left the World Coal Association due to difference in stance on climate change

Responsible mining in Canada

How is Canada’s sustainable mining initiative helping raise standards at mines around the world?

Sexual misconduct

The Me Too Mining Association addresses gender-based discrimination