Ohio Automation specializes in mine planning, ventilation and water software for underground mines.

Our integrated computer-aided mine planning software (ICAMPS) products run on the AutoCAD platform (2010 and above) so that you have full accessibility to all functions and commands.

  • Produces timing maps, tonnage reports, and much more. Mine ventilation in real-time to simulate what happens if a fire occurs or even if other changes occur while simulation.
  • Realistic mine maps shows how user-defined branch codes such as intake, return or leak can have different colours and abide on different layers
  • Graphically you can draw the quantities and pressures on the network at any size, draw gas flow percentage, and colour the network by parameters
  • MineFire can also be used to simulate ventilation networks changes such as resistance change, temperature and fan changes in real-time.
  • Creates many different detailed tonnage reports, timing maps, royalty reports and much more. Monthly and daily scheduling are also available.
  • Simulate the flow of water through complex piping systems.