Englo Mine and Tunnel Wet Dust Extraction Systems

Finn Equipment Sales Inc. and Englo Inc (Engart Global) provide turnkey design, supply and installation of process ventilation technology for power, mining, tunneling, foundry, recycling and other heavy industrial operations. 

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Finn Equipment Sales primary mission is to assist you in achieving engineering solutions for process ventilation problems.

We have broad experience in mining, power, steel, foundry, recycling, wood and many other heavy process industries. Our process ventilation systems are used for controlling dust and odor issues and for other applications.

Working with outstanding experts from our principals and affiliates we are able to provide solution resources for a wide variety of needs.

Principals represented include Englo Inc, ADI Air Dynamics Industries, Probe America, AiroPure, EMI Controls, and SpaceVac.

We provide turnkey design, supply and installation of process ventilation systems for mining and heavy industrial applications; custom metal fabrication of chutes, platforms, machinery parts and ductwork; design and supply of auxiliary ventilation fans for mining and tunneling; dust and odor control misting fans; misting cannons; odor destruction reagents and high-level long-reach vacuum tools.

Safer Dust Control

SpaceVac ATEX/DIV II System

Combustible Dust Vacuum Cleaning Tools

Patented worldwide, SpaceVac is the first system
of its kind to be certified safe for use in specialist
explosive atmospheres.

Unique hose adapter, anti-static vacuum hose and AX brushes, carbon conductive interlocking ATEX lightweight poles and our unique Safety Locking Mechanism for total operator safety during operation.

Durable • Lightweight • Safe

Reach 35’ or higher and clean faster than traditional methods by working from the ground floor. Work safer by eliminating the risk of ladders, lifts and scaffolding.

Emi Controls Misting Cannons

EMI Controls misting cannons project long range fine spray mist for dust and odor control applications such as demolition, recycling and composting, storage, mines, loadout, mines, quarries, tunneling, water and waste treatment facilities, landfills and other large areas.

Model V22 features 360 degree mist spray to 90 meters, variable inclination, remote control operation and patented nozzle head.


Englo Dust Extraction Technology

Englo Wet Dust Extraction Technology 

Difficult operating conditions such as combustible dust, moisture, or high temperature create problems for dry dust collection systems such as fabric filter or cartridge collectors.

Engart Global systems are operating at hundreds of mining and non-mining locations worldwide. This includes a wide variety of surface and underground mining and processing operations including gold, limestone, silver, potash, gypsum, coal, and others.

The largest application of Engart technology has been for handling combustible coal dust at power plants and mines. These installations operate at applications including conveyor transfers, tripper rooms, crusher buildings and reclaim tunnels.

Adi Air Dynamics Industries

ADI Air Dynamics Industries, an Englo Inc. affiliated company, designs, builds and installs custom metal fabrications and process ventilation ductwork for heavy industrial and mining operations.

ADI supervisors and craftsmen have the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver quality manufacturing standards that are the highest in the fabrication industry.

AiroPure Odor Destructive Reagent

AiroPure ODR Odor Destructive Reagent destroys odor at the molecular level. Odors from hydrogen sulphide, organic sulphur, nitrogen compounds, methyl mercaptan, ammonia, trimethylamine.

AiroPure also inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria such as Legionella, E Coli, MRCS, CDIFF, Listeria and more.

Probe America Atomizer
Misting Fans

Probe America Rotary Atomizer misting fans offer a better solution for dust and odor control. The Probe Atomizer features injection of low pressure water into a unique high RPM rotating mesh basket screen mounted in front of the powerful Probe fan.

The atomizer produces an extremely fine mist for dust control, odor control, cooling and humidification that is sprayed out to 90 feet by the Probe fan.

• Misting Spray to 90 Feet
• No High Pressure Nozzles
• No High Pressure Pumps
• Water Volume, 0 - 50 GPH

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