Apart from world-class bulk and packaged explosives products as well as basic to high-tech tailor-made service packages, BME is all about innovation – using technology to ensure that every blast brings value to our customers. 

The in-house development of our  AXXIS™ range of electronic detonators has opened new market opportunities for the company and is building BME’s reputation   as a global innovation market leader.

Building on this success, BME has evolved AXXIS™ even further into a centralised blasting system (CBS). Adapted for underground applications to enable underground panels to be detonated simultaneously from a remote point, the enhanced AXXIS™ CBS allows for the real-time communication of operational data to the surface.

Our new range of emulsion delivery equipment is bringing the benefits of emulsion to underground operations. We are able to deliver our highly stable and repumpable emulsion formulations into narrow reef, lateral, and uphole environments, using a variety of fit-for-purpose equipment and formulations.

At BME, we strive toward constant research and development to continuously improve and develop our products. Our innovation hub consists of various industry specialists in blasting science, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, geosciences, and mathematics. 

Our modular automation plants and remote emulsion manufacturing facilities offer the company and our clients security and continuity of supply. We are able to rapidly commission our bulk emulsion plants and related infrastructure on site, anywhere in the world.




BME is a leading manufacturer and supplier of explosives, as well as related accessories, equipment, and blasting services to the mining, quarrying, and construction industries. BME is a member of the Omnia Group, a JSE-listed diversified provider of specialised chemical products and services used in the mining, agriculture, and chemical sector. The Group consists of an Agriculture division (Omnia Fertilizer), a Chemicals division (Protea Chemicals), and a Mining division (BME and Protea Mining Chemicals). The Omnia Group has been in operation for more than 60 years.

Today, BME has operations across 20 African countries, as well as Australia, South-East Asia, and the Americas. Its ever-expanding global footprint includes operating licenses secured for the United States and Canada – an important expansion into the North American market.