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New research from S&P Global Market Intelligence says the cost of building a mine is now likely to be cheaper than buying an existing one. While smart buys and merger activity has driven new mine openings in recent years, the tables seem to have turned. We catch up with S&P to find out just why they think it might be better to build than to buy in 2019.

We also take a closer look at De Beers’ end-to-end diamond blockchain programme, an initiative aimed at removing fakes and blood diamonds from the supply chain, find out more about Ecuador’s bold plans to more than double the value of mining in the country by 2021, and delve deeper into Newfoundland and Labrador’s ambitious plan to grow the province’s mining sector through the construction of five new mines and the creation of 1,400 jobs by 2030.

Finally, we investigate the results of a study from Cardiff University that examines the effectiveness of arrangements to give mine workers a voice in countries around the globe, and speak to Sirius Minerals about its new potash mine in the UK, which employs a host of new mining technologies.

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Katie Woodward, editor