Engineering a stronger tomorrow

Nanotech Industrial Solutions is the only manufacturer of submicron spherical particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide (IF-WS₂).

These particles provide excellent extreme pressure, antiwear, antifriction and shock absorbing properties to various lubricants. All above mentioned properties provide higher efficiency, reduction of downtime, operational temperature and overall cost of ownership, which is critical for heavy duty applications, such as mining.


Unlike many other lubricants out there, IFWS2 particles interact with the surfaces at the points of contact in a unique combination of mechanisms. They don’t react with the surface, like most conventional EP or AW additives and don’t interact with the sliding surfaces in the same way as legacy solid lubricants. However, the multiple mechanisms of sliding, rotation, exfoliation and compression makes IFWS2 particles truly unique and important to formulation of new generation of high performance lubricants for various applications.

Don’t buckle under pressure!

Significant Reduction in Wear and Friction
Extended Application Life
Optimized Performance
Fewer Service Requirements
Reduced Energy Consumption
Improved Operation Costs

Lower fuel consumption

Techenomics International has recently been appointed as the exclusive mining agent worldwide.

They are a global service provider with decades of experience in the mining, oil and gas, marine, rail and power generation industries. Many tests have been set up and created case studies to demonstrate the benefits of the particles.

The wide range of WS2 products accommodates numerous needs for industrial and mining activities including both fixed and mobile plant.