ColdBlock™ Digestion

Setting a New Performance Standard in Sample Digestion

ColdBlock Technologies offers an innovative sample digestion technology, ColdBlock™ Digestion. This versatile, patented technology shortens the sample digestion process to just minutes with reliable and precise results consistently demonstrated across multiple industries and a variety of sample types.

ColdBlock™ Digestion is the only sample digestion technology to use focused short-wave infrared radiation and a cooling block to shorten sample preparation time, accelerate sample throughput and achieve productivity gains more safely than current methods.

Delivering A New Performance Standard

  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Very rapid sample digestion (minutes)
  • Safe (no hydrofluoric and perchloric acid in the digestion process)
  • Low volume reagents required
  • Versatile sample size (0.2-30g)*

* 0.2-30grams validated. Higher and lower sample sizes are possible.

ColdBlock™ Digestion dissolves solid matter into solution for multi-element analysis. It is the first sample digestion technology to use focused, short-wave infrared radiation(IR) to energize sample particles.

The cooling block is essential to promote a condensation effect to minimize the escape of vapors created by this rapid heating and digestion process.

Revolutionary Sample Digestion Technology Bringing Substantial Benefits to Multiple Industries

ColdBlock™ Digestion shortens sample preparation time, accelerates sample throughput and achieves productivity gains more safely than current methods:

  • Shortens sample preparation time to minutes
  • Unmatched sample throughput and productivity
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Higher occupational safety
  • Accelerates decision-making

ColdBlock Technologies' Innovative Sample Digestion Products

ColdBlock Technologies offers a suite of products to suit your sample digestion needs. Built with the modern laboratory setting in mind, the modular design of the 12 and 15 channel units allow you to customize your sample digestion process depending on the required throughput.

Product Features and Accessories:

  • Upper cooling block
  • Lower heating chamber
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Electronic control box
  • Test tubes and racks
  • Modular design
  • Small and large sample size applications
  • CE and CSA Inspected
  • Technical Requirements:
  • Single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply
  • Fume hood or comparable ventilation system

Frequently Asked Questions 

ColdBlock Technologies Inc. is an innovative organization that continually strives to excel. We believe that collaboration strengthens our business and allows us to generate high value for our customers and academic partners. Our science-minded philosophy allows for the design of safe and effective products that disrupt the way our customers think about what a digester can and should be.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide whatsystem is right for my application?
Generally, if you require to digest large samples from 5 - 30 grams, choose the 12-channel system because it accommodates large tubes. For samples under 5 grams, the 15-channel system is the most appropriate choice because it has the added advantage of higher sample capacity. Discuss your specific application needs with your ColdBlock representative to determine and ensure the best fit.

What kind of infrastructure (e.g., fumehood, power) is required to use ColdBlock™ Digestion technology?
All ColdBlock™ Digestionsystems require:

  1. Single phase 240V/30A/60Hz electrical supply
  2. Fume hood or comparable ventilation system
  3. Chiller for the cooling/condenser block

What tube size is required?
ColdBlock units use the following glass tubes:

  • 12-channel units use 250 mL tubes
  • 15-channel units use the 30 mL tubes

Who will install my ColdBlock™ Digestion unit?

It can be installed by a ColdBlock representative, a distributor representative or the purchaser.

Application Examples


Focus: Digestion of High-Grade Chromite ore using ColdBlock™ Digestion CB12L Technology

Method: Sample of CRM (Certified Reference Material) GCR-06 digested using this method:

• 0.25g of sample was weighed and placed into a ColdBlock™ Digestion vessel

• 8mL H2SO4 and 5ml H3PO4 was added

• Sample was digested at 85% power for 20 minutes

• Chiller temperature was set to -5°C

• Sample was allowed to cool

• Sample was normalized to 50mL using 1% HNO3

Note: Procedure is specific for the sample digested and may need modification for different samples to achieve the desired