Who we are

ZS are specialized in the fabrication of special cylinders which are designed to match customers’ needs. Besides some smaller cylinders these are mainly cylinders with piston diameters between 250 and 1000 mm. Building new cylinders and repairing more than 50.000 hydraulic cylinders for coal mining and other industries have created a big potential of technical know-how in ZS. As an expert in fabrication of cylinders ZS have a lot of experience with sealing systems, scrapers, guiding systems, vibration, fluctuating pressure or corrosion.

Our Philosophy

ZS always try to find out the exact environmental conditions of the customer application, to then do the design work and fabrication accordingly. This approach often leads to new solutions, saving time and money for the customer.

Our Products

Some examples of products designed by ZS:

  • cylinders for roller mills and bowl mills
  • cylinders for coal excavators
  • cylinders for crushers (cone crushers, gyratory crushers)
  • cylinders for scrap scissors
  • cylinders, aggregates and control units for steel construction in civil hydraulic engineering
  • cylinders and aggregates for filter presses
  • cylinders with a pivoting piston (our own patent) in grinding mills
  • cylinders for big pipe welding plants
  • special devices to pull out grinding rollers in coal power plants

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