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Issue 107 • August 2021

Welcome to the new edition of MINE Magazine.

June's Peruvian election has been one of the closest in recent memory, with just 40,000 votes separating the two candidates, the left-wing Pedro Castillo and the right-wing Keiko Fujimori. While Castillo received more of the votes, Fujimori has alleged widespread electoral fraud, calling for up to 200,000 ballots to be thrown out. Both offer shake ups to the Peruvian mining industry, with Castillo suggesting the industry could be nationalised and Fujimori backing a more libertarian approach. In this issue, we examine the state of the industry and what the election could mean.

Also, we investigate how $36m of copper blister from a Swiss company was stolen by organised criminals in Turkey before it reached China and ask if this sort of theft is common, and how companies can prevent this sort of trade fraud.

Elsewhere, Brazil Potash is aiming to reduce Brazil’s reliance on foreign, particularly Canadian, imports of potash to meet its agricultural needs by developing domestic mines. The move could reinforce the Brazilian economy and cut down on the environmental cost of transporting potash across the Americas, and establish the company as a key source of potash in a region that has historically struggled to meet its own demand for the mineral.

Callum Tyndall, editor