Mining & Resources


Annexus WA offers the mining and resource industry a range of ceramic based wear and thermal solutions. Our ceramic linings offer the potential of significant cost savings compared with the traditional rubber linings.

Typically, ceramics will outlast rubber linings for Hydrocyclones by 8-12 times and steel spools by 15-20 times in wear resistance. Further savings and production benefits are realized through reduced maintenance due to consistency in the spigot, vortex finder and spool sizes.


Annexus WA offer a range of industrial ceramics to best suit your application. We would use several factors to determine the most suitable ceramic for your application “ore, slurry type, particle size, angle of impact, pH levels, temperature, pressure, travel direction and the performance of your current material in use.”

Depending on the application and the aforementioned factors we would suggest using the following ceramics.

  • Siliconised Silicon Carbide (SiSiC)
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC)
  • Alumina 92% (Al203)
  • Alumina 99.8% (AI203)