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Ground support solutions are essential foundations to the safety of today’s underground mining operations. Our solutions provide underground operations support with cavity filling and consolidation of fractured ground and void spaces, strata control for stability of rock faces preventing rock fall and roof failures, and provisions for managing water ingress and air control. All of which would threaten the safety and viability of an operation and its personnel.

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1. Ground Control

Minova Coal Bolts have been developed and proven for use in point anchored or fully encapsulated roof and rib bolting applications.

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2. Water Control

Water ingress into an underground mine can represent a major risk if not recognised and rectified.

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3. Cavity & Backfilling

Increasing pressure from mining activity and variable geotechnical conditions can cause fractured ground, which if not supported, may lead to incidents of rock fall or roof collapse.

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4. Surface Control

Mesh provides surface support coverage to loose rock between installed rock bolts. Minova supply multiple configurations and distribute ASW mesh and ausro straps.

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5. Gas & Ventilation Control

Adequate ventilation is a necessity to maintain air quantity and safety.

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6. Ground Control

Ground Control is fundamental to the integrity and safety of underground mining operations.

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7. Surface to Seam

Deliver grout and chemical products from the surface to underground and maximise safety, increase efficiency and minimise labour footprint.

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