of Industrial

Drawer Cabinets

for spare parts and tools

A properly configured BAC Drawer Cabinet may reduce your storage footprint by up to 75% in some situations. If you still have your small spare parts in boxes on shelves, you should consider the difference that a series of BAC drawers can make in your parts or tools store.

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transformation diagram:

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A modular BAC Workbench

is a complete and customised industrial workspace 

 BAC Workbench builds upon the BAC Drawer Cabinet technology. Cabinets, and other accessories, can be configure to a match your needs, accounting for your inventory of tools, the space you have available and the way in which you wish to work. Contact our BAC Sales Team to arrange a free site survey and proposal.

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BAC Systems has solutions to move your hydraulic hoses closer to your saws

BAC Hose Storage solutions can bring the greatest number of hydraulic hoses right to your point-of-use to increase your productivity.

These modular solutions combine shelves, drawers with a turntable and drawers with rollers to fit the greatest number of hoses on the smallest footprint. Contact our BAC Sales Team to arrange a free site survey and proposal.

A typical example of the benefits of BAC High Density Drawer Storage

Generic Solution – Shelves with Boxes (for spare parts) 2268 individual locations (on average) 27.5m² foot print

BAC Systems Solution – High Density Drawer Storage 2400 individual locations (on average) 10.1m² foot print

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