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Specialists in selecting industrial valve, pneumatic system, water, diesel, oil, grease pump and hose products for distribution Australia wide

Midwest Valves & Controls has been in business since 2001 and specialises in supplying industrial pumps and valves that can be integrated into plant processes. The owner is Peter Willis who has a strong valve and pump background.

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So Midwest Valves & Controls is equipped to handle enquiries for these products. With regard to progressive cavity pumps, Midwest Valves & Controls supports the NSW sales representative for SEEPEX pumps.

Arita wafer butterfly valve

Their website is

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Design principles

  1. The smart stator is divided into two parts, so that maintenance can be done by one person without the need to remove either suction or discharge pipework. Additionally the two piece Smart Rotor allows for quick removal and replacement. There is no need to dismantle the joint or use special tools, giving a time saving.
  1. Another design feature is the integrated retensioning device, which allows the clamping between the rotor and stator to be adjusted for optimum flow and readjusted when the flow rate reduces due to wear. Readjustment is done in a matter of minutes, returning pump performance to the required level without replacing any components. As such, the service life of both the rotor and stator is significantly extended, removing the need for replacement parts and reducing the life cycle costs of the SEEPEX pump.


Finsbury Pump Systems

Midwest Valves & Controls has built a relationship with Finsbury Pump Systems. They provide excellent technical advice for the mining sector’s pumping requirements and have a warehouse in Adelaide. Midwest Valves & Controls distributes their product range, which includes:

  • Finsbury Pump Systems
  • Poseidon Pumps – dry prime waste water pumps
  • Rovatti Pompe- multistage centrifugal
  • Verderair Pumps
  • IHP- submersible pumps
  • Quax – hydraulic drive trash and waste water pumps
  • Minetuff – dewatering pumps available with 415V and 1,000V options from 5kW to 37kW

Finsbury Pump Systems

Contact information

Mayne St.
Gulgong NSW 2825

Tel: +61 (02) 6374 2808

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