Sales Director Frank Lantry

(07) 4978 4000

6 Shona Avenue, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

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Sales Director 

Frank Lantry

(07) 4978 4000

6 Shona Avenue, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

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PES Range (60 amp)

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This year, the AusProof restrained range of plugs and receptacles has now been extended to the 60A range. This allows customers the opportunity to select from a greater AusProof range, offering a suite of high voltage couplers to low voltage restrained solutions. AusProof’s research and development department has worked tirelessly to carry the company reputation of quality, reliability and innovation into a reliable low voltage range. As a result, the 60A has a rating to 90A for non-Ex operations, the first of its kind in Australia. This allows for larger pumps to be installed without upgrading to larger plugs and receptacles. The PES 60A plug and receptacle is fully certified to AS/NZS1299 and is 100% compatible and interchangeable. Other features of the 60A range include:

  • A single piece body with no internal cage
  • Single piece contacts with easy termination
  • Easy flameproof repair
  • Solid earth connectivity throughout the product
  • Phase to earth segregation

Additionally, AusProof identified that the market wanted a choice of a jacking screw or a quick release system on all receptacles. Used extensively throughout the coal mining industry, the quick release allows for a simpler and effective method to engage and withdraw a plug from the receptacle. The AusProof quick release system is a rugged engineering design that is strong, safe and has an ergonomically designed handle. The optional quick release feature is available on the 150A, 300A and 425A receptacles.

Contact a sales representative or visit the AusProof website for further information.