The LTE Communication Solution

...where no others can go.

If you need high-capacity private LTE that can support your people and business processes on the ground, then you need JRC.


and everywhere else in between

For over 100 years, JRC has been a leader in wireless communications technology.  With expertise in Private LTE cellular networks for remote area coverage, JRC is now keeping people safe and in touch, in all parts of the globe.

  • Exploration
  • Above & Below Ground Australian Mining
  • Disaster Zones
  • Rescue
  • Communication Black Spots


wherever your people are

All on your own private LTE network

JRC’s revolutionary Fixed Private LTE  offering gives you access to cost effective networks that can be deployed quickly. And when combined with a fiber, microwave or satellite backhaul, gives everyone full access to your business processes via smartphones or tablets. 

Our fixed LTE is a complete solution, incorporates all elements of an LTE network and seamlessly provides interoperability with Tetra, DMR, LMR and P25 network with our JRC.Bridge.

It means your team can:

  • Discuss a situation quickly with Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • Access broadband internet using standard phone applications
  • Control drones and receive footage or data
  • Remotely operate vehicles and machinery with M2M IoT technology
  • Make live video calls or transmit footage
  • Use radio handsets to communicate with smartphones

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