Total Mining Solutions

A Trusted partner

With decades of reliable supply and added value to its clients, Total Mining Solutions has become the partner of choice to mining companies. Today, we supply fuel, lubricants and associated services to over 200 mine sites in over 40 countries.

As the fourth largest multi-national energy company in the world, and trusted fuel, lubricant and service partner to over 200 mine sites in over 40 countries, Total’s reputation as a mining industry leader is undisputed.

Thanks to our commitment to innovation, our world class lubricants have been proven by some of the largest mine sites in the world. Total Mining Solutions offer a dedicated range of high-performance lubricants specifically designed for the Australian mining and earthmoving industries.

Combined with our stand-alone mining optimisation services and highly knowledgeable, professional staff we can transform reliability, add efficiency and drive down running costs in small mining operations through to multi-national mining companies.

We are in the business of developing long term, successful mining relationships. Ask us how we can help.

*Total Oil Australia does not currently have any fuel offerings in Australia.

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An expert energy company

in mining

Because the needs of the extraction industry are so distinct, Total Mining Solutions gather professionals from the mining sector who also have expertise in hydrocarbons and its management on mine sites.

From local small-scale mining operators to multi-national miners, our professionals can audit your mine and understand your priorities.

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Operating responsibly and sustainably

As a leading oil industry player, we take great care to respect the environment, protect employee health, ensure product and facility safety, and promote social and economic development in our host countries.

Health & safety, a shared priority

Because enforcing high health and safety standards is also a priority for our mining partners, we have worked together to develop several stringent programs that benefit the various stakeholders on the mine site. For example we have developed a series of training modules aimed at making the transportation of petroleum products safer through constant driver traineeship and permanent monitoring of the fleets.

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Ethics and trust

Our strict adherence to our core values — fair working conditions, financial transparency, fraud and corruption prevention, and respect for human rights – enables us to build healthy, long-term relationships with our mining partners and the communities in which we operate. We also believe that a robust ethics process drives sustainable and mutual growth.

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Community involvement

Wherever we can, Total tries to benefit the local communities in which we operate. Whether this be through employment at our onsite fuel depots, use of local suppliers, or assisting with solar energy, we do our best to make and leave a positive impact.

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Reducing cost

We call it continuous improvement projects

Total Mining Solutions has demonstrated its ability to reduce mining companies’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on several occasions.

Together with the mining operator, we work with your Finance, Warehouse, Maintenance, Mining and HSEQ teams to find opportunities to reduce your Total Cost of Operations while at the same time ensuring oil quality and environmental protection.

Typically, these projects can be:

  1. Introduction of energy efficient and fuel saving lubricants.
  2. The implementation of new lubrication procedures.
  3. Changes in the storage infrastructure and logistics.

How can choosing the right combination of lubricants make you more profitable?

Choosing the right lubricant can decrease your energy use and/or fuel consumption or increase your oil life, which means less oil consumption and less waste of oil. Using a quality lubricant allows you to use it for a longer period while reducing your maintenance cost, increasing your machine performance and increase your productivity... less downtime cost!

Global Player

Total Marketing & Services has a presence all across the globe thanks to its affiliates, service stations and products. It also continues to invest in its industrial facilities to effectively serve its customers’ needs, everywhere.