CMP - Enerpac Underground intensifier Pumps

After working with Enerpac we now have a Custom Built Intensifer pump to speed up the tensioning process in underground mining and tunnelling.

All Exposed Aluminium components have been replaced with alternative materials. The traditional foot pedal operation has been replaced with a simple directional control lever on the manual pumps and a pendant control for the pendant pump. Operation is easily controlled from the palm of your hand.

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CMP - Enerpac Underground intensifier Pumps

Engineered for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

  No Exposed Aluminium Components  —  Safe for Underground Use

All exposed aluminium components replaced with alternative materials

Advanced Hld and Retract function.

Incorporates proven technology of Enerpac ZA4 pump which is ATEX 95 certified in use in potentially explosive atmospheres

High efficiency pump design, higher oil flow and bypass pressure

Two – speed peration reduces cycle times for improved productivity.

Air-Hydraulic pump featuring reliable Enerpac componentry