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The blind-spot-free, 360° vision system revolutionising mine site safety

Appreciation of the effect of changing regulations enables mine operators to proactively assess and respond to their relative exposure. A proactive response enables the operator to retain control of change processes in advance of a regulatory direction enforcing the change, the resource demand and the timeframe.
By way of example, Aspect Environmental looks at the requirements of the NSW Mining Amendment (Standard Conditions of Mining Leases – Rehabilitation) Regulation 2020 and how operators can respond and retain process control.


ine sites can be inherently dangerous places to work. Moving machinery, trip hazards and oversized vehicles make accidents and injuries all the more common. But how do you mitigate risks that you can’t even see? One company is tackling this challenge head on with its cutting-edge, rugged, and reliable vision system technology that provides mine site operators with a fully explorable view of sites, complete with object and human detection, and artificial intelligence – giving operators eyes on the ground, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

According to Worksafe Australia, while the mining industry has made strides in improving safety on sites, there are still a number of possible hazards that workers and companies need to be aware of.

Some of the biggest hazards on mine sites include slips, trips and falls, and being hit or injured by moving objects or machinery. In the time between 2001-2015 in Australia, falls accounted for 25 per cent of accident claims from mine sites, and object or machinery injuries accounted for 18 per cent. 

Supervising your team, regularly inspecting machinery and equipment, being aware of objects around a site, and improving worker and machinery visibility are just some of the ways companies can improve safety exponentially. But the real danger comes when you can’t see the hazards, especially if workers are operating in blind spots, or mine site operators are working remotely and can’t physically inspect locations and machinery.

This is where Australian tech company Black Moth had a stroke of ingenuity and created the cometMX™ vision system. The comentMX system is an ultra-rugged, state-of-the-art vision and event recording platform, designed specifically to overcome the visibility and situational awareness difficulties that can disrupt mine-site operations.

The cometMX vision system

cometMX is the latest in mine site vision systems from Australian-based and operated company Black Moth. cometMX utilises real-time imagery and recording to improve safety around machines, and allows for operators to monitor all actions on-site from onboard, or remotely in 360° stitched views. Detailed insights are provided to any events on or around machinery and instant recall of vision provides operators with the ability to analyse situations promptly and easily.

Designed specifically to withstand Australia’s harsh weather environments, cometMX employs High Dynamic Range sensors to ensure the best quality vision and object detection. The cometMX-180 camera provides clear vision at 187° vertically and horizontally, with the option of combining stitched imagery to create a 360° view of areas surrounding vehicles or machinery. 

The addition of Black Moth’s topVIEW technology allows operators to gain a complete view of the surroundings of vehicles from above, which is especially useful in avoiding accidents and collisions.

Inbuilt, high-speed object detection, powered by Black Moth’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, identifies objects and people in the field of view, alerting operators to hazards without distracting false alarms. Advanced machine learning capabilities are constantly feeding information back into the system, creating a living, learning vision system.

Imagery can be securely recalled and viewed on-demand, which is especially useful when there has been an accident and a correct and timely response is essential, or to assist in accident claims.

Rugged, reliable hardware

cometMX-180 perception camera

The cometMX-180 delivers high-quality streamed imagery for efficient and seamless monitoring of operations.

  • Secure cast aluminium enclosure
  • Automotive grade ASIL-D HDR image sensors
  • Powerful compute and 256-core GPU
  • Operates in -40°C to +75°C ambient temperatures
  • Highest available ingress protection (IP69K)

viewMT-101 display

The viewMT-101 displays clear and detailed footage in a wide viewing angle to improve safety around vehicles.

  • True sunlight readable 10.4” touch screen
  • Variable backlight functionality for night operations
  • DEUTSCH and LEMO® connectors
  • Configurable to wide angle or split screen scenarios
  • Compact design allows ease of set up
  • Internal speaker for audio and warning tones

tigerMX-5 server

The tigerMX-5 records high resolution imagery, providing conclusive evidence in the event of an incident.

  • Two computer modules
  • Processes footage of up to five smartMX-180 cameras
  • CAN interface for vehicle communication
  • Wi-Fi for enhanced compatibility
  • Cellular module to connect to 3G/4G phone networks
  • Tested for severe vibration and extreme temperatures

About Black Moth

Australian-owned and operated, Black Moth has established themselves as leaders in vision solutions for worksites and heavy machinery for almost ten years. Black Moth’s cutting-edge vision solutions have improved safety and asset management in Australia across the mining, logistics, transport, construction, local government, and many more sectors. Combining the very best in cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, exclusive in-house development, human expertise and exceptional customer service, Black Moth is helping the world transition to an autonomous future. Black Moth delivers high-quality products with high-end results, all backed by superior service.

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