Engineering simple solutions to practical problems.

Engentus Pty Ltd (formerly Segnut Pty Ltd) is a privately held, Australian company specialising in the industrial fastener and retainer sector. We focus on exceeding industry requirements for performance, productivity and safety through engineering innovation and inventive solutions.

Engentus is dedicated to redesigning work. We use clever engineering to improve the safety, efficiency and accessibility of everyday maintenance and installation tasks in industrial environments. We’re driven by ideas and powered by an innovative culture.

A World FIRST: Eliminating Reaction Arms

Safe, Efficient, Accurate Bolting Technology

Power torque wrenches offer a level of digitally controlled precision that is essential to a wide range of bolting applications on fixed and mobile plant. 

Their reaction arms also present a significant pinch/crush hazard and can cause devastating injuries.

The Solution: TopTorqueTM

Engentus TopTorqueTM system is a ground-breaking innovation that delivers safety, power and precision to your heavy bolting applications.

FIRST (Fully Internalised Reaction Socket Technology) eliminates reaction arms and the hazards they create

Built for A Diverse Workforce

The TopTorqueTM system is lightweight, vibration-free, customisable and operates quietly for maximum torque accuracy.

Safer, Faster, Smarter Fastener Removal

Segnut is a revolutionary ‘lateral release’ threaded fastener that replaces conventional hexagonal nuts.

It eliminates the safety and productivity issues caused by the need to use high-energy methods to remove seized nuts on studs and bolts in industrial applications (cutting, grinding or splitting). Segnut’s world-first release mechanism is a simple, elegant solution that allows rapid, safe release of the fastener - even when the thread is damaged.